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Crafting Team Identity: The Power of Custom Wooter Apparel. 

How to Care for Your Sublimated Sports Apparel

Sublimated sports apparel, also known as sublimation, is a popular choice for teams and athletes because it allows for vibrant, full-color designs and nearly limitless customization options. However, sublimated garments do require a bit of extra care to maintain their vibrant colors and high-quality appearance. Here are some tips on how to care for your sublimated sports apparel:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sublimated Sports Apparel

Sublimated sports apparel has become increasingly popular among athletes and teams in recent years, thanks to its unique printing process and the wide range of design possibilities it offers. However, many people still have questions about this type of apparel and how it differs from traditional printed clothing.

In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about sublimated sports apparel, including what it is, how it’s made, and why it’s become so popular.

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Advantages of Sublimated Sports Apparel

Sublimated sports apparel is a type of athletic clothing that uses a unique printing process called sublimation. In this process, the ink is applied to the fabric while it is in a gas state, which allows it to penetrate the fabric more deeply and create a more vibrant and durable print.

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The Drop: Nick Briz and Savage Squad Return With Custom Made Apparel Collection With Wooter 

Last July, Wooter Apparel and Nick Briz came together to start working on creating a custom made clothing line designed by the brazen basketball player turned YouTube sensation that pays homage to those closest to him – the Savage Squad. Now Briz and and Wooter return with new additions to the Savage Squad spring collection including customized basketball jerseys, shorts, tank tops, shirts, and hoodies featuring the signature little purple devil.

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With Seven Years Of Giving Back, Non-Profit Organization Wooter Africa Dishes Out Big Assist In Tanzania

Last week, Wooter Africa had a chance to give back in East Africa at an event which took place in the town of Mtwara at Kambarage Primary School in the southern part of Tanzania. A 2007 alum of the school, Wooter Africa CEO Hamiid Suleiman, helped lead the ceremony and was on hand to present boy and girl students with two pairs of fully customized uniforms for soccer and basketball plus two soccer balls and one basketball, all donated to the school sponsor Wooter Africa.

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How To Design Custom Baseball Jerseys For Your Team

Even before you or your team steps onto the baseball field, Wooter Apparel has you covered. Thanks to the automated ordering platform, Wooter Apparel allows you to easily create inexpensive fully customized baseball jerseys and uniforms in just a few clicks.

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